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Ky Nguyen Vang Consultants
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Ky Nguyen Vang Consultants

Ngành nghề: Dệt may - Da giày
Thời gian làm việc: Toàn thời gian cố định
Mức lương: 20 - 30 triệu
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Mô tả công việc

1. Upper Cutting Production:
Ensure that:
· Cutting department standards are released to production in timely manner and are executed in the units in compliance with the approved specification and standards
· Work process and work methods in leather cutting departments are kept to a minimum (as per specification from work study) and the company standards
· Maximum utilization of production cutting machinery are kept updated and are standardized.
· Minimized leathers and materials consumption through good training in the units.
· Product calculations are available for products being produced and ensure that actual production costs are within these calculations
Develop and execute cutting training program process in the factory:
· Analyse training needs by supervisors, operators, in the unit.
· Develop list type of technical skill based on training need analysis skill base in each unit
· Determine time of the cutting training, capacity and the participants
· Create guideline and procedure / policy for leather cutting and synthetic cutting
2. Lead and correct Quality Control Inspection in the factory:
· Make sure company standard as outlined in quality control of cut leather pieces manual are effectively implemented
· Make sure the incoming material/leather according to specification and counter sample are in place.
· Make sure the available cutting standards are available before mass production start according the production plan
· Make sure the quality of upper cutting in leather manufactured are according to standard LSP
3. Conduct training activities and evaluate the performance in the production line:
· Discuss/evaluate with supervisor to achieve effective training at the floor level
· Monitor the process of checking operator progress by evaluating their daily activity report
· Communicate with works study related to training evaluation in working speed and method for effectivities issues
· Ensure the instructor to create weekly report about the progress performance of trained operators combined with the work study evaluation
· Ensure the Cutting operator can produce final performance report of the operator for their cutting performance.
4. Internal & External Audit on cutting section
· According to the company standard, conduct regular audit on the cutting standard.
5. Safety
· Ensure employee safety and awareness and safe working environment within the Cutting Department (according to safety policy)

Yêu cầu công việc

1. Education
· Min. Shoe academy graduate 5 years shoe making experience
· Min. 8 years of experience in Shoe making, construction related, production area or equipment
2. Required Competences
Leather Technique and Knowledge
Knowledge of leather detail specification (grading), saving of leather consumption and special treatment (cutting and stitching) of each kind of leather.
The kind of knowledge, skill and experience that should be mastered are consist of:
Key behaviour (s) below describe the dimensions of behaviour:
· Understanding the concept
· Implementation / execution
· Scope of work
· Recognize and understand terms and definitions about leather grading, consumption estimation, and treatment
· Able to execute leather grading, consumption, and treatment but under supervision by his/ her superior
· Employee’s scope of work is on-the-job training
· Comprehends and able to describe leather grading method, consumption estimation, and treatment
· Able to conduct leather grading, consumption estimation, and treatment
· Operationally applied only in employee’s working area
· Able to teach and transfer knowledge of the method of leather grading, consumption estimation, and treatment to others
· Plans and monitors the leather grading, consumption, and treatment process to ensure the process runs appropriate with standard (SOP or regulation)
· Able to identify potential problem that related to leather grading, consumption estimation, and treatment and propose solution to solve it
· Analyse and evaluate implementation effectiveness of the leather grading, consumption estimation, and treatment by recommends new/alternative SOP or regulation.
· Recommends best practice solution about leather grading, consumption, and treatment
· Develop strategic conceptual plan related to leather grading. Consumption estimation and treatment in order to align with organization objective.

Yêu cầu hồ sơ

Ứng viên quan tâm vui lòng gửi CV về email thanhhai@kynguyenvang.com Phone : 0914171381

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Phụ trách tuyển dụng: Ms Hằng
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